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Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Bhosari, MIDC, Pune, Maharashtra
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Our Products

OT Fogger MachinesYes! I am interested

We manufacture and design pneumatically operated Fogger Machines(Microfog Au – 5 & 20 liter capacity). This is a unique & detachable accessory useful for those using AVTech-DSUTM or AVTech-CWSTM Sprayer Units. They need not go for a separate fogger unit for aerial fogging. The fogger works silently laminating noise pollution.

Fogger Attachment is manufactured in special grade non-magnetic stainless steel. The gaskets, ‘O’ rings, suction & discharge pipes used are of medical grade silicon material. The complete hardware is of stainless steel.


The device is simple and can be mounted on the sprayer unit through Quick Release Coupling of Stainless Steel. Thus a single sprayer unit is now converted to Fogger unit within seconds. This proves cost effective eliminating additional inventory.

The Fogger Attachment is autoclavable repeatedly @ 120oC.

This fogger attachment is handy & useful to Pharmaceutical, Biotech Industry, Research Laboratories in Life Science Establishments working on delicate animals that are sensitive to sound levels beyond 30 TO 40 dB.

Electric ULV Cold FoggerYes! I am interested
We manufacture and design Electric Fogger. Also known as electrically Operated Fogger Machines (Nanotek & Micro Mist).

Micro Mist & Nanotek: This state of the art dedicated aerosol generator for aerial sterilization is extremely popular among Pharma-Food-Biotech & Healthcare Sectors, Life Sciences & Tissue Culture Industry. Where our esteemed competitors claim a droplet size generated as 10 to 20 microns (but not validated for the droplet size) Micro MistTM & NanotekTM generate droplet size in “Sub-Microns”. This claim is supported by a complex test conducted by globally renowned research institute in India & test-results are declared to this effect. Perhaps this is the only fogger available globally generating droplet size in sub-microns.

This is a dedicated fogger that operates on single phase 240 Volts 50Hz power supply & is recommended for clear aqueous formulations having density of 1.05 max. For liquids with higher density & viscosity a customized fogger can be supplied.

A 5 litre capacity tank manufactured out of special grade stainless steel is perfectly compatible to disinfectants having pH from 1.5 to 14. Thus one can use acidic as well as alkaline formulations without being worried on the corrosion & erosion of the metal.


Micro Mist & Nanotek are dedicated foggers for aerial sterilization using aqueous disinfectants. Very fine droplets form clouds that fill the closed room and impart 100% efficacy bringing microbial load to almost zero. The fine fog penetrates into difficult to approach areas, crevices in the furniture & plaster, gaps behind the panels and cupboards and eliminated the bacterial load.

Absence of floor wetting effect:

The fine fog gets uniformly distributed & settles on walls, ceilings and the other surfaces making them free of contamination. Thus MICRO MIST fogger does aerial as well as surface disinfection. These fine droplets evaporate quickly without causing wetting effect & are popularly termed as “dry fog”.

Micro Mist & Nanotek take care of 5000 to 6000 Cft volume in single charge depending on the humidity Vs temperature conditions from place to place.

MOC: All wetted parts as well as complete hardware is in best grade stainless steel. 100% components are free of corrosion/erosion eliminating the risk of damage from sultry weather / chemicals etc. All other materials are inert to low pH disinfectants.

A tailor made high powered, high efficiency drive motor is incorporated which sustains large voltage variations. Motor & timer-switch used are UL & CE marked.

After Sales Services: Micro Mist & Nanotek are simple user-friendly machines and are free of maintenance. In the event of any problem, service / replacement is assured within 48 hours of reaching the fogger at our works. The foggers are available off the shelf at highly competitive quotes.
Misting Fogger MachinesYes! I am interested

We manufacture and design Misting Fogger Machines. Also known as Pneumatically Operated Fogger Machines (Microfog Au – 5 liter capacity). These are Double Nozzle Fogger Machines which are specially designed for fogging in high hazard & medium hazard areas like in factories & warehouses where flammable goods / explosives are manufactured or stored, electricity without certain regulatory conditions is not permitted.

The features are as follows:

ULV FoggerYes! I am interested
Apart from the above mentioned machines, we offer Special Purpose Spraying Machines that are used for different purposes. Manufactured in accordance with international quality standards from non-magnetic stainless steel, these machines are reliable, user friendly and low in maintenance. The range of special purpose machines are durable and low in power consumption.

The machines are applicable in:

OT Sterilization MachineYes! I am interested
Micro Mist ULV Fogger Machine For OT Sterilization is a unique Forrger machine capable of producing ‘nature like’ fog with sub- Micron size droplets that ensures 100% efficacy, hence being highly efficient it is widely used in most of the leading hospitals & industries like, Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, Life Sciences, Biotech, Food & Beverages, etc.
Please contact us if interested.

Application Industries of Micro Mist ULV Fogger Machine:

Portable Disinfectant SprayersYes! I am interested

We manufacture and design Surface Disinfection Equipment also known as pneumatically operated surface disinfection (AVTech – 25 DSU). Our surface disinfection equipment are Portable Disinfectant Sprayers for de-contaminating walls, ceilings, window-panes & any other surfaces. These machines can decontaminate the complete surfaces in the production shops & the other relevant areas with reduced down time is brought.


The salient features are as follows :


Mist Generators for Dry Cold StorageYes! I am interested
Mist Generators for Paper IndustryYes! I am interested
Welcome to

Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

We Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd., are a Private Ltd Company based in Navi Mumbai, engaged in offering a range Infection Control Equipment and Chemicals. These include Electric Fogger, Portable Fogging Machines, Portable Electric Fogger, High Pressure Fogger Machines, Electrically Operated Fogger Machines (nanotek & micro mist aerosol generators), Pneumatically Powered Fogger Machine (micro-fog au in 5 and 20 liter capacity), Surface Disinfection Equipment (avtech dsu) and Eco Friendly Disinfectants. These machines are widely used in Pharma, Food, Biotech, Life Sciences & Healthcare industries for fogging, spraying and misting purposes.

Along with the above mentioned products, we also provide our clients with various value added services in form of infection control consultancy, design and development of special purpose machines and after sales service for all machines manufactured by us.


Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.



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Gouri Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Kedar Deshpande  (Director)
B-36, Pavana Industrial Premises Plot T 204, Bhosari, MIDC
Pune - 411026 , Maharashtra , India
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